Shiatsu Studio Sakura is the place where we nurture a holistic approach, through various techniques of working on the body - preventative (health promotion and disease prevention) and curative (application in conditions where specific symptoms of the disease already exist).

You can bring your body to an optimal condition through: SHIATSU TREATMENTS, MANUAL MASSAGES, OIL MASSAGES WITH VACUUM CUP, MOXIBUSTION, THERAPY ULTRASONIC, ZENYOGA, and many others.

In working with clients, we apply techniques and skills tailored to the client's current emotional and physical state, his needs, and his personality.

Bodywork studio


Physiotherapist and shiatsu practitioner

Introduction to traditional Chinese medicine was, for me, the part that I always missed in my western teachings, the last piece of the puzzle.

By interweaving skills and knowledge in these two areas, I have created my method of working, and the essential part of this method is to be present for everyone, to be supportive, and to move each client forward, closer to health, but above all - to be human.


Why Shiatsu Studio Sakura 1 name?

SHIATSU is part of the name because of respect and love for this method, but the guiding thought was to have in the name and some symbolism of a beloved city;
Day of the City of Rijeka is celebrated on June 15, on the feast of St. Vitus.

As this is the time of ripening of domestic cherries, they have become, over the centuries, a symbol commemorating this local holiday - since the shiatsu therapeutic method originates from Japan - SAKURA - because the flower of the Japanese cherry is called sakura.