⁕ Diagnosis of Hara (abdomen) 

Diagnosis of Hara is an old way of diagnosis in traditional Japanese medicine, and its importance is similar to pulse diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine. It is the fundamental way of diagnosis in shiatsu. In Japanese medicine, Hara is not only a body center but an essential energy center; it has a much broader concept than just as the term abdomen or stomach where different organs are located. It is a broader social and cultural concept, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and the practice of meditation. Nan Jing's classical Chinese medical text describes the importance of Hara in the treatment, diagnosis, and daily functioning of the body. He says: "The source of vital energy is the root of all twelve meridians, it is the 'driving Qi between the kidneys' located in the abdomen."

Knowledge of Hara diagnostics and proper Hara treatment are great tools through which any therapist can assist the client in a multitude of different problems.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, essential and vital energy (organic Qi) affect all structures in the body and therefore affects all organs. Organic Qi allows organs to perform the functions they are in charge of. By Hara diagnosis, the therapist finds the causes of disturbed organic Qi and by treatment rebalances or triggers it. Hara also regulates the physiological functioning of the body as well as the spiritual component of our being. It controls the metabolism of blood and organs and produces Qi that flows along the meridians.

The diagnosis of Hara is not diagnostic in a sense considered in modern,  conventional medicine. The most important is getting to know the client- through the physical zones and his current life situations, in order to find the best approach for the treatment that follows.

⁕ Shiatsu- the art of touch

Natural prevention, support for the health, vitality, and wisdom of the body.

Shiatsu is the art of working on the body, the art of genuinely conscious touch that drives energy in those parts of the body where energy is partly or entirely stopped. Pain, restlessness, insomnia, sadness, fear, chronic fatigue, impaired mobility of the body, tension and pain in the back and neck, problems of concentration, and confidence are all conditions in which energy does not flow freely, or its flow stopped.
Shiatsu treatment restores the free flow of energy in the body, relaxes and reduces pain, and restores innate strength and power to the body. Shiatsu is remarkable support of the body - it remembers and activates its abilities, knowledge and wisdom, and initiates the process of self-healing.

The work and operation of shiatsu are explained in three areas: touch, awareness of the energetic nature of man, and awareness of the integrity of the man.

Shiatsu touch

A truly conscious touch can be compared to the hug of a mother who takes in her arms a crying and scared child who is injured. The open-hearted mother surrenders to the hug, which the baby has completely indulged in and soon ceases to cry, and the pain and fear disappear. It is a sign that there has been a free flow of energy, just like in the shiatsu treatment.
Touch is essential to our growth and development. Young children touch and explore and communicate: touching themselves, taking objects with their hands around them, thus, using their hands, that is, touching and exploring life. Similarly, shiatsu communicates with the physical body, but also with the field of his emotions and thoughts. That is how we receive what is happening to the receiver and where the support is most needed.

Touch, pressure, and movement are basic shiatsu tools.

Touching with thumb, palm, elbow, knee, or foot is followed by the pressure that initiates and energizes. Movement is rising in the body, steady rhythm of breathing and heartbeat is restored, as well as a life-long pulse of expansion and contraction of the whole body. Remember the breathing of a sleeping cat or the breathing of a toddler, breathing with the whole body, with the whole being. Typical clients are people who do not "breathe," or whose breath is very shallow. The intention is to breathe deeply throughout the body and restore innate mobility and joy of breathing - "come back to life."
In shiatsu treatment, we mostly work with our hands, a powerful and effective tool that in some Eastern traditions, is considered to be an extension of the heart, that is, our heart chakra. Thus, we focus our attention on the receiver using the energy of fire and love from the heart chakra. Touch and highly developed sense of understanding of the body, emotions, and mind support the balance of the energy system and release tension and stress. The literal translation of the word shiatsu is touch, pressure with the thumb.

Awareness of the energetic nature of human

Human is an energetic being. From birth to death, our body of life energy, which in the tradition of the Far East, is called KI or CHI or PRANA. They govern our biological functions, mind, emotions, behavior, growth, and development. Life energy flows through the energy channels - meridians (12 + 2 bodies) connected to organs and other body systems.
At the same time, our body as a material is a form of manifestation of energy. Just as electricity, water energy, or wind energy has its nature, potential, and power, so our skin, bones, nails, body fluids, just like all materials in nature, are thickened forms of energy of the required vibration and quality.
All the problems felt in the body- from headaches, pain in the neck, shoulders, back, through feelings of restlessness, powerlessness, fear, insomnia, chronic fatigue, or all the effects of stress, are changes in the energy states of people where energy does not flow freely.
After the therapist has evaluated the energy status of the receiver and observed the energy balance, with touch, pressing with the thumb, palm, elbow, knee or foot, slight leakage, swinging, rotation of the joints, and other shiatsu techniques triggers the blocked energy and restores its flow. The client then begins to breathe freely, free of tension, and stress.

Awareness of human integrity

Today we live an active, dynamic life. There is tension, nervousness, dissatisfaction all around us, and we are scattered, unhappy, torn between political frauds, layoffs, family problems, unpaid bills. Although we could say that "we are not with ourselves," we are actually "beyond ourselves." We live without actual contact with ourselves, our bodies, our lives. We lost power and feel bad.
Shiatsu treatment is support to people to believe in awareness of their own body, life, and their wholeness, to re-establish contact with themselves and return home, or give back power to themselves. When a human is present in the body - whole, the flow of energy in the body and soul is free. When the pain appears, our body, which response to everything in our lives, recognizes where the problem is.
The internal wisdom of the body understands, for example, that back pain had ineffective life situations, such as partner problems or unpaid bills.
When a person is present in the body - whole, he is aware that he has choices, so that he can change his life navigation, eliminate a lifetime of trouble and improve his quality of life. Stressful situations will continue to occur, of course. However, our attitude towards them will change - we will become less attached to disturbing events and "suffer," we will learn to adapt to a stressful situation with more peace, to accept it, and look for a solution.

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