Reduces pain
Reduces inflammatory changes
It improves blood circulation
It breaks down lactic acid

Manual massage is a type of mechanotherapy that is performed by the hands and affects the skin and its receptors, the muscular and nervous systems, and the circulation of blood and lymph. It works mechanically and reflexively. In our studio, special attention is on the application of unique methods of manual massages for different conditions.

For example, after every strenuous training and competition, there are stiffness and fatigue in the muscles as a result of biochemical processes in the tissues (accumulation of harmful substances) and small injuries of the muscular and ligamentous structures. Sports injuries are also threatened by people who exercise 2-3 times a week in some of the sports.

Proper body massage results:

  • detect sensitive and damaged areas and facilitate their healing
  • prevent scarring
  • increase circulation and conduct superficial and deep lymphatic drainage
  • relieve pain, muscle tension, and fatigue
  • restore muscle flexibility and elasticity
  • accelerate recovery after exercise
  • increase body awareness
  • relaxing effect on the psyche and body.


  • establish the impaired joint function, primarily the spine
  • act to reduce pain, increase range of motion, facilitate movement
  • reduce inflammatory changes on soft structures
  • improve blood circulation and tissue nutrition and therefore the function of the treated region

According to function and use, there are several types of manual massages:

  • hygienic (serves to nourish the body and improve overall health)
  • medical (used in the treatment of various diseases in combination with other methods of therapy)
  • athletic (helps improve physical fitness during training or competition, performed before / after training)

Manual lymphatic drainage

Many factors can cause a delay in lymphatic flow. It may be a hereditary deficiency of the lymphatic vessels or other damage to the lymphatic system. Damage to the lymphatic system occurs in all operations, injuries, radiation, and all kinds of traumas. Today, a significant disturbance of the balance in the body, including a disorder in the lymphatic system, is a rapid lifestyle and associated stressful situations.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a method that exclusively affects the lymphatic flow in the body, to prevent or alleviate these disorders. It works to restore fluid balance in the body, the immune system, the nervous system in terms of relaxation and relaxation, and to regulate microcirculation at the capillary level.


  • edema on the legs
  • postoperative therapy
  • soft, spongy, edematous tissue
  • stress, nervousness, tension
  • regeneration of the whole organism

Connective-tissue massage

Various external and internal factors affect the change of connective tissue in the body. Connective tissue includes subcutaneous connective tissue, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves. Movements in connective tissue massage are firmer and more intense and penetrate deeper into the tissue. In this way, we act on altered connective tissue, improving circulation and skin tone. Due to its intense reflex action, this massage also affects the muscles and internal organs.

The most common symptoms for this type of massage:

  • pain, tension, and stiffness of the neck, shoulder hoop, chest, and lower back
  • knots in the form of knots in the muscles
  • weakened muscles (atrophy)
  • limited mobility (as a result of thickening and shortening of tendons and scars)
  • occipital headaches

In addition to its therapeutic effect, it also has an aesthetic effect - the transformation of collagen into connective tissue. Also, it is considered one of the best techniques for removing cellulite and firming the skin.

Chinese massage (acupressure massage)

Acupressure is a reflex therapy procedure that is used to treat specific ailments. We apply it by pressing our fingers or a chopstick to particular acupressure points located along the meridian.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a specific form of massage aimed at athletes to prepare well, prevent injuries, and regenerate the body after physical exertion. We can use it as a treatment after overtraining and injuries that have already occurred - strenuous training causes an imbalance in the soft tissue segments and the emergence of the overstraining syndrome.

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