Strengthens yang energ
Resolves sinus problem
Strengthens immunity
It regulates blood pressure

Power of the East - moxa or moxibustion

Moxa is one of the Chinese skills created in the framework of traditional Chinese medicine; it is heating acupuncture points with a burning stick (moxa). Moxa sticks are made from dried and ground wild wormwood. Wormwood (Artemisia vulgaris) has proven to be the best herb whose uniform combustion releases heat, allowing therapeutic action. It has been used for thousands of years. The method is created to enhance the effect of acupuncture, and in combination with other bodywork techniques such as shiatsu, manual massage, and vacuum cup massage, exceptional therapeutic results are achieved and also we can use it as stand-alone therapy depending on the particular ailments.

The task and ultimate effect of moxibustion are, first and foremost, to heat the acupuncture points on the meridians and eliminate the "cold" from them, then to restore movement of vital energy (chi) and blood, to lift Yang from collapse and to prevent many conditions and diseases. It has even been stated in the literature on traditional Chinese medicine that the occasional treatment of acupuncture points with moxa in a healthy person prevents various types of diseases and raises vital energy in the body.

We are using moxa sticks about twenty centimeters long and about 1.5 centimeters in diameter. With a burning stick, we heat the spots a few inches apart. During the procedure, the client feels comfortable heat on the heated parts, and the body automatically relaxes.
Another way is to work with moxa piles, which we place at the acupuncture point; they are burning from top to bottom. In this form, they are rarely placed directly on the skin because they leave a burn; it is more common to lay the mops in a pile on a fresh ginger roll or salt.
Directly on the skin, or on acupuncture points, we can apply small moxa cones - Sawada technique.
Moxa can also be placed above the point on acupuncture needles, or in a wooden / clay box set on the treated part of the body.

Moxa -the flame of relaxation, healing heat.


  • strengthens the “yang” energy that is in charge of starting and heating the body (essential life energy)
  • extracts “cold” and “moisture” from the body - extremely useful in colds, stuffy nose, sinus problems, and chronic fatigue
  • strengthens immunity
  • regulates blood pressure and circulation
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