It works on deep layers
Reduces pain
It improves blood circulation

Therapeutic ultrasound is a form of deep heat therapy created by sound waves. When applied to soft tissues and joints, sound waves act as a micro-massage that helps reduce swelling, increases blood flow, and reduces pain, numbness, and cramps.

Absorption occurs primarily in the connective tissue of ligaments, tendons, and fascia (and scar tissue).

The therapeutic effect is achieved by increasing the temperature of the tissue in the applied area, increased circulation and metabolism, increased tissue elasticity.

By warming up structures near the bone (tendon grips, tendon sheaths, stock exchanges, ligament grips, joint bushings), we can influence the therapeutic processes in chronic degenerative and inflammatory conditions.


  • penetrates deep into tissues and is mostly absorbed in ligaments and tendons - structures with high collagen content
  • micro-massage to help reduce swelling
  • increases blood flow and reduces pain, stiffness, and cramps
  • activation of depth processes within cells
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